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Massage Service

A gentle comprehensive massage used to primarily promote relaxation and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. This type of massage is performed using oils and lotions directly on the skin to elicit feelings of total relaxation. This style of massage is usually a full body massage and if you've never experienced massage before this is always an easy place to start.

Deep Tissue

Massage Service

This style of massage is great for sore muscles or chronically tight areas such as low back pain, or stiff necks. This style of massage is meant to break up adhesions that can build up inside muscle bellies and breaking up these adhesions helps to improve range of motion and can create lasting pain relief. Deep Tissue massage is usually more focused on particular areas of soreness. This style of massage does not need to hurt, I work with each individual client and go only as far as they are comfortable.

Seitai Shiatsu

Massage Service

Shiatsu massage literally means finger pressure. Seitai Shiatsu originated from Japan and was used to treat those who were ill. The massage is designed to improve blood flow and improve the lymphatic system. The lymph system is key in immune system response and this style of massage is designed to do help the lymph system deal with impurities in the blood and keep us healthy. This massage can be performed fully clothed and communication between the client and therapist is advised, but not required.

Tui Na

Massage Service

Tui Na is the oldest style of massage in the world. It is a part of chinese medicine which has been around for about 4,000 years. The theory behind Tui Na is very similar to Acupuncture but instead of needles, the therapist uses their hands. Tui Na is designed to deal with very specific problems. Unlike most all other massage with is used to promote relaxation, Tui Na is designed to be very therapeutic and can act as a catalyst to allow the body to heal from the inside. I suggest that those who are very serious about the health of their body try this massage. If you have an old sprained ankle or knee injury that still causes pain...Tui Na is for you!

Table Thai

Massage Service

Thai massage is just that, it came from Thailand. This form of massage is about 2,500 years old and uses meridians which are called "Sen" lines of which there are about 72,000. This style of massage is mainly focuses on the hips and the legs and uses lots of stretching and deep compressions. This style of massage is very slow and rythmic and is usually very relaxing for most people and is often referred to as "the lazy man's yoga."

Sensory Repatterning

Massage Service

This type of massage is also referred to as passive joint movement. This theory behind this massage is to help teach the body to relax. As we progress through life many times, especially after an injury, the body loses range of motion and often "forgets" all of the dynamic movement the body is designed to do. I slowly explore the range of motion and listen to the body to find areas of "holding."

Sports Massage

Massage Service

Sports Massage is not only for Olympic athletes! This style of massage was originally designed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance or to help them recover from a big event. When muscles are active they produce toxins, often times these toxins get trapped within tight muscles as proper blood flow does not clear out the metabolic waste. Sports massage is designed to help the body eliminate these toxins, improve range of motion, and reduce pain. Even if all you do is walk your dog or take a hike once a year, sports massage could be just what you need to help get over the soreness the day after.


Massage Service

Cupping has been used worldwide over the centuries. It originated in China around 1000 B.C. and was also used in ancient Greece and the middle east. Cupping uses glass cups that are placed on the skin. A vacuum is then created inside of the cup to draw in fresh oxygenated blood into the area and also draw out impurities within the muscle area.


60 min massage:
$65 within 5 miles
$70 5-10 miles
$75 10-15 miles
$80 15-20 miles
$85 20-25 miles

90 min massage
$80 within 5 miles
$85 5-10 miles
$90 10-15 miles
$95 15-20 miles
$100 20-25 miles

4 massage package (60 min) $220....$10 off each massage
4 massage package (90 min) $280....$10 off each massage
8 massage package (60 min) $400....$15 off each massage
8 massage package (90 min) $520....$15 off each massage